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Attendance & Leave Rules

    The Kushinagar public school (KPS) Kushinagar is an English Medium School. It is running on the pattern of central board of secondry eduction, New Delhi. It has impreessive rules....

  • 80% of attendance is required of the student in order to appear at any of the examinations held in the school.
  • All are expected to attend the school on the reopening day and also for the last day before any vacation. Armed Rs lo per day
  • A fine of Rs. 10 per day will be charged if students is absent without valid reason. A maximum of 3 days leave will we granted in a month.
  • A student who is absent for 15 days continuously without informing the school will be considered as having left the school and his/her name will be struck off the roll.
  • Re-admission will be purely at the discretions of the principal and that to with admission fee 500/


Discipline & Punishment

The development of character in education can only be obtained through discipline. The self imposed discipline, punctuality, neatness in dress, behaviors, respect, consideration for others and co operative spirit are required of each students.

 So, we have developed a new pattern of discipline and punishment, as follows:

  • Students without uniform on school day are not allowed in class and will be sent back their homes.

  • Repeated misbehave leads to the dismissal.

  • Stick will not be used to punish the students. Physical punishment will not be given